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Original Honea is a bee-free vegan honey alternative that offers a fresh yet decadent flavour of the southern Mediterranean. It has an aromatic savoury profile with a natural honey-like flavour. The crisp floral notes provide a refreshing aftertaste. Prebiotics are defined as non-digestible food ingredients that feed probiotics. Dark amber in colour, this rich Honea pairs excellently with vegan yogurt and savoury dishes such as vegan cheeses or pizza.
Flavour Profile:Serving suggestion:Benefits
Fresh & EarthyFried oyster mushrooms in pankoMade with prebiotics
Mild pepperToast3g fibre per serving
Salad dressings5 Delicious flavours
Vegan probiotic yogurt
Why a vegan honey alternative?
For more information on why you should choose vegan honea please visit here and here. For ingredients see Additional Information. Due to the fibre content clouding may occur.  Although unnecessary, heat to clear.  This vegan honey is produced locally and ethically in the UK.


Delicious especially on hot toast

Trusted Customer


Lovely, perfect for breakfast toast and makes delicious roasted vegetables.

Helen Field



Fiona Wallace



Helen Tart


Delicious and just like honey

Lesley Roede


This is fascinating - it's very like honey, and I couldn't put my finger on the exact difference. I'm really pleased with it anyway.

Trusted Customer


This tastes divine, and I’ve got to ration it until I can order some more. I’ve really missed honey since going vegan, and this hits the spot.

Joanne Rutter


The best I’ve tried. A spoonful in a cup of tea is lovely.

Trusted Custome


Simply the best !

Jennifer Schol


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Sugar, Inulin, Apple Juice, Natural Flowers, Lemon Juice, Natural flavours, Molasses

2 reviews for Original Vegan Honea

  1. Sarah

    This is excellent!!!

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    This stuff is great! Decided I didn’t want to purchase honey again a while ago, and with Honea I’m certainly not missing out on anything! We have it wherever we would have used honey in the past, and each night we mix it with some turmeric powder to help it down (apparently this is good for our health!)

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