Orange Blossom Vegan Honea


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This sumptuous Honea, a Bee Less vegan Honey alternative conjures up visions of Spanish orange groves, to produce a divine golden vegan honey that has complex yet delicate floral notes of orange blossom.  It has a smooth, deep flavour that is fresh and woody with aromas of pine.

Prebiotics are defined as non-digestible food ingredients that feed probiotics.

This classic flavoured honea has a more robust flavour and is great for drinks or sweetening fresh porridge or toast.

Flavour Profile:Serving suggestion:Benefits
Orange BlossomPancakesMade with prebiotics
MeadowsToast3g fibre per serving
Woody Breakfast Cereals5 Delicious flavours
PineVegan probiotic yogurt
Why a vegan honey alternative?

For more information on why you should choose vegan honea please visit here and here.

For ingredients see Additional Information.

Due to the fibre content clouding may occur.  Although unnecessary, heat to clear.

This vegan honea is produced locally and ethically in the UK.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg



Sugar, Inulin, Apple Juice, Natural Flowers, Lemon Juice, Orange Blossom Water, Molasses


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