Brandy But+er

Next Shipment date: 06/12/2021

Storage instructions: Keep refrigerated 


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Brandy but+er is a vegan butter alternative blended with a 3 Year Old French Brandy aged in oak casks that offers a sumptuous creamy flavour, with a hint of umami to delight the palate. It has a sweet yet savoury profile, with hints of vanilla.

This rich brandy but+er pairs excellently with pancakes, mince pies and crumpets .

Made with cashew nuts and cocoa butter to provide a decadent velvety texture.

Next Shipment date: 06/12/2021

Storage instructions: Keep refrigerated 

For sale in the UK only!


This vegan Brandy butter is produced locally and ethically in the UK.

For ingredients see Additional Information.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 0.5 cm



Brown Sugar, coconut oil, cashew nuts (14%), water, cocoa butter, brandy (5%), soy lecithin†, vanilla extract, sea salt, miso* (Water, soybeans, rice, salt), tamari* (Soya beans, water, salt,mirin (rice, water, cultured rice)). *-Organic / †-Non-GMO


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