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I’ve never really been one for the finer things in life, but food was always an exception. When going vegan I never believed there had to be a compromise on great food or wonderful flavour. This isn’t just about food that’s good enough, but delightful food cooked with care.

I enjoy eating healthily as much as I enjoy a deep rich caramel chocolate cake and this is primarily what Plant Based Artisan is founded on.

Even though the vegan food scene is going from strength to strength; I rarely eat better than I do at home. It is through our products that I want to share my love of great cruelty free food with no compromises.


Plant Based Products

Specialising in artisanal vegan foods, which are ethically sourced and free from all animal food products.


We aim to use recyclable packaging in the production of our products where ever possible.

Care & Compassion

Living with care and compassion doesn’t mean you have to compromise on great tasting food.

Quality & Flavour

Creating high quality products with wonderful flavour profiles is at the heart and soul of everything we do.